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Advance Medical Directive

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An advance работа в москве directive for health care is a written legal document that allows the creator, if they are of sound mind and 18 years or older, to state physicians and others of certain medical decisions. For example, local jobs near me you may state that you wish to receive or decline life-sustaining medical care, donate specific organs or your entire body for transplantation or research, and appoint a healthcare proxy. Creating an advance healthcare directive will save your loved ones the stress and negative emotions that making decisions on your behalf may cause. Our Oklahoma City estate planning attorney may help clients create advance medical directives, along with other important estate planning documents.

Oklahoma County Advance Medical Directive Information

When you create an advance medical directive, copies should be given to family members, physicians, your attorney, and your health care proxy/power of attorney. For people who live in a nursing home, a copy should be given to a staff member who has the ability to add it to your file. Speak to your doctor about your decisions to ensure that they will willingly comply with your medical decisions.

Your health care proxy or power of attorney should also have the ability to follow your wishes, as well. You may revoke your advance health care directive at any time, and if you choose to do such, inform the people who had a copy of your advance directive to destroy their copy. When you create a new advance health care directive, it will automatically replace any preexisting directives.

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Health care directives should be reviewed every few years, or after the occurrence of a major life event, such as the death of a loved one or divorce. If you need to create a new advance medical directive, or wish to replace an old directive, please contact our experienced estate planning attorneys today. We serve clients throughout Oklahoma.