Agricultural Law in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Agriculture Practices

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At our firm, we deal with agricultural law issues on a regular basis. When dealing with real estate planning or drafting contracts, you never want to handle matters without the support of skilled legal representative. Having the guidance of one of our agricultural law attorneys may make the process not only smoother, but more beneficial to clients in the end. We aim to help our clients make informed decisions with the purchasing, selling, partition action, leasing, and many more issues related to agricultural law. When your farm is your livelihood, it’s especially important to make legally wise decisions to support your family.

Land Run Lawyers have over 15 years of experience dealing with various types of cases, including agricultural law. We work hard to make sure our clients have everything they need to pursue a successful future. If you need help or guidance on an issue dealing with your property or the purchasing of a property, we may be able to help. By filling out a free case evaluation you can get a head start on your case. If you would prefer to talk to a lawyer by phone, you can contact us here.

What laws am I dealing with?

Several laws are in play when dealing with a farm or land dispute involving agricultural law. If you are buying or selling farming land, real estate laws and zoning issues must be thought through. You will need a license or permit to legally operate a business through your agricultural production. Depending on if you need to employ outside help or not, labor and employment laws surround the process of growing a business.

While local, state and federal laws vary, they often have restrictions on the number of farmers that can produce certain crops and how much they can sell, plant, etc. There are also very specific environmental laws to consider, such as the Compost Facilities Act, Oklahoma Soil Amendment Act and the Oklahoma Feed Law & Rules. Maintaining an operation that follows all of these laws can be difficult if you lack legal representation. There are more rules under the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, & Forestry Laws.

Making sure that you adhere to all of these laws can seem overwhelming when trying run a successful farm or business. Overlooking a mistake is easy when you have a whole estate to plan out for the future. Don’t be caught without the proper documentation, license or property acquisition you need to make a living. At our Oklahoma City and Perry firm, we have the experience to help our clients deal with all of these issues.