Civil Litigation

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At The Law Office of Bryon J. Will, P.L.L.C., we believe that whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff, you deserve the best legal support. Our clients’ cases, while all unique, are a huge priority and motivation for us. There are many types of civil litigation cases that could occur, such as a personal injury case, where medical malpractice has occurred. If you are wrongfully treated, we may be able to help you seek the compensation you deserve. If you are a property owner and have a premises liability claim being brought against you, our attorneys will talk to you today about getting the defense you need. Our team will be there for you in every step leading up to your trail. We represent clients during the trial, hearing, arbitration, mediations and other meetings before the local, federal or state court.

What is civil litigation?

Civil litigation is when a lawsuit brought before the court entails private matters, such as cases against business entities, individuals or other facilities. The purpose of a civil litigation case is for one party, the plaintiff, to recover rights, damages or mandate improvements. While some cases go through several dates in court, others result in a settlement from the defendant right away, meaning it never proceeds to trial. By bringing forward a claim which may proceed to court, a plaintiff is declaring that they believe they deserve more compensation or fair treatment than received.

Common cases of civil litigation include the following:

  • Will contests
  • Environmental law
  • Products liability
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Construction site negligence
  • Medical malpractice

Steps of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation follows a basic process after a petition or complaint makes it through to the appropriate court. The plaintiff, suffering the injury or damage, must file this complaint which is then served to the defendant. This complaint must lay out what the plaintiff believes they are suffering due to specified actions of the defendant, and what compensation they are asking for. In the case of medical malpractice, a patient may have received a misdiagnosis from a doctor and now suffer worse symptoms with added to medical costs.

The plaintiff may seek medical costs as well as compensation for emotional trauma and lost wages. The defendant will then reply with either a denial or a desire to settle the claim outside of the courts. If their offer is too low or unacceptable to the plaintiff, it may still proceed to a trial. The trial will be decided by a judge or jury, and the verdict will decide whether or not the defendant is liable for the alleged injuries brought forward. Success throughout this legal process can depend heavily on the attorney representing you.

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