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Elder law is an incredibly broad area of law, and may include any type of legal issue that elderly people and their families are facing. Usually attorneys do not specialize in the entire area of elder law; instead they practice certain areas. It is important to hire an experienced lawyer who focuses on the area of elder law in which you need assistance, and who is familiar with the elder network. An elder law attorney should have the ability to refer you to both public and private agencies that may be able to assist you in areas in which the lawyer cannot. If you are elderly, or wish to plan ahead for when you do reach retirement age, please contact our Oklahoma City estate planning attorney.

Common Areas of Elder Law

Estate planning is one of the many common areas of elder law. An attorney may help an elderly client prepare a will, trusts, powers of attorney, an advance directive, and any other necessary document. They may also assist an elderly client avoid the probate of their estate, and minimize or eliminate estate tax. Medicaid planning is another popular area of elder law. Nursing home care can be extremely expensive, and only certain people can qualify for Medicaid.

A lawyer may create a Medicaid plan that allows an elderly person to protect their assets, while maintaining their eligibility for Medicaid. Elderly people who are abused by a caregiver may also seek an elder law attorney’s assistance. Some elder law attorneys have the ability to represent elderly clients who have been mentally, physically, or emotionally abused by the person responsible for their care.

Oklahoma County Elder Law Attorney

If you are elderly, and wish to plan for future living and care arrangements, a lawyer from our firm can help. We are located in both Oklahoma City and Perry, OK, but can serve clients statewide. We may create estate plans, as well as help a person prepare for retirement and Medicaid. Please contact our firm to learn more about elder law.