Leasing Property in Oklahoma City

What does it mean to lease a property?

If you do not wish to buy or sell real estate, leasing may be your best option. Leasing allows one individual the right to use the property by paying another individual rent. The rules for leasing property in Oklahoma County are governed by the Oklahoma Landlord and Tenant Act. The Law Office of Bryon J. Will, P.L.L.C. can explain your rights and responsibilities to you if you are currently renting property.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Landlord

Although the landlord continues to own the property, he or she is not legally allowed to use the premises. Except during an emergency, landlords must provide tenants with a minimum of 24 hours of notice before entering the property to inspect it. Because tenants are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the property, landlords are required to eliminate problems once they are notified. Landlords are also responsible to keep the property up-to-date with housing codes and to ensure that the premises are livable.

Wrongfully evicting a tenant or excluding a tenant interferes with their right to quiet enjoyment. If there is a contract, the landlord must adhere to the terms when evicting a tenant. A tenancy at will only requires notice to be provided 30 days in advance. If you have a week-to-week tenant, you are only required to provide them with written notice seven days in advance. In certain emergency situations, you only have to provide 24 hour written notice that the lease is being terminated.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Tenant

One of the main responsibilities of the tenant is to pay rent on time. If you are leasing a property, you are also required to maintain the premises and fix ordinary problems. Except for reasonable wear and tear, the tenant is required to keep the property free from damages.

As a tenant, you are granted certain protections under the law. You cannot be wrongfully evicted and must receive fair notice if your lease is being terminated. If the property becomes unlivable or uninhabitable, you are free to move immediately after providing notice to the landlord. You are also legally allowed to end the rental with written notice if the landlord fails to provide heat, running water or another essential service.

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