Oil & Gas Laws

Help from an Oklahoma City and Perry Attorneys

Dealing with oil and gas law requires a skilled attorney who has experience with big natural resource companies. If the land belongs to you, it is important for you to protect it with the best legal support you can get. Our team has over 15 years of experience, with the goal to work hard for our clients every day. We understand you may need representation as a land / mineral owner or other type of oil and gas operator. We aim to make sure our clients have the best approach to their negotiations and lease acquirements.
Getting the proper documentation to sell and lease minerals is also highly important and should be handled with a skilled lawyer by your side. When it comes to disputes or fighting claims involving royalty litigation, we always fight for everything our clients deserve. If you are involved with an oil and gas law case, whether it is simply handling a lease or fighting pollution claims, we may be able to help. At our Oklahoma City and Perry law firm, we aim to reward our clients with what they need to continue pursuing their regular lives. Don’t allow a lease dispute or any other small claim to disrupt your business; get help the help you need. Contact us today!

How to Deal with the Oil & Gas Companies in Oklahoma

When oil and gas companies need more resources, they may attempt to lease minerals from you as a land or mineral owner. When they notice a large plot of land with multiple owners, all they have to do is run the title of the piece of land and they can find the owner of the land or minerals. If you have received a letter of proposal from a big company, it is important to enlist professional legal help. They will give a proposal to lease the rights to your natural resources, which often includes royalties for you. If you skim the contract or lack the assistance of a skilled oil and gas attorney, you may be in danger of losing compensation that is rightfully yours. By working with our firm, you may be able to negotiate the best royalties and even a cash bonus for your resources.

Mistreated by a big oil & gas company?

If you have been mistreated by a big oil and gas company, such as with a lease dispute, unfair royalties or a breached contract, it is time for you to seek legal help. Any development or exploration of oil and natural gas can be handled by our experienced oil and gas attorneys. A common abuse by big companies is known as force-pooling, or the consolidation of several leases on land with adjoining leased tracts. The benefit to the company is that all landowners’ leases are combined into a common pool under one company. They don’t have to deal with multiple contracts or royalty terms since they appealed to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to have the owners pooled. While this may save them money it could also give them the opportunity to short-change you for royalty claims. Be sure to negotiate a fair leasing contract with our help.

Gas & Oil Pollution Claims

At The Law Office of Bryon J. Will, we also seek to help clients who have an issue with energy litigation, farm out litigation, pollution claims or reclamation disputes. If there has been damage to crops, land, or other pollution caused by pipelines or drilling on a property, it may result in a serious damage claim. In accordance with the Oklahoma Surface Damage Act, one individual can own the surface property while another owns the land below it, causing extreme complications when it surface damages occur. This is why you may need legal help with settling your case, no matter what side you are on. If you need help fighting for your case, don’t hesitate to contact us today to talk with an Oklahoma City and Perry oil and gas lawyer.
If you are having trouble dealing with big oil and gas companies destroying your land, or just need help figuring out a lease proposal, contact us today for more information. Through our experience, we may be able to get the compensation you deserve for your land and its natural resources. If you need to fight against unfair pollution claims, we have a skilled legal team that takes aggressive action. Fill out a free online consultation or contact us by phone to talk to an attorney in Oklahoma City or Perry, OK about your oil and gas law dispute.