Personal & Business IRS Tax Issues

Many people and businesses are faced with tax issues every year, and some do not know that there are ways to minimize, postpone, or possibly eliminate their back taxes. The IRS uses the voluminous and complicated Internal Revenue Manual as a guideline for settling debts with taxpayers, which the ordinary person may not know how to navigate. Our Oklahoma City and Perry tax resolution attorneys know how to read and use the IRM to a client’s advantage. We have created a proven, nine-step approach to resolve individuals and businesses’ IRS tax matters, and once hired, our firm will handle all interactions with the IRS.

How Our Firm Can Help You with Your IRS Tax Matters

Prospective clients who wish to learn how we may resolve their IRS tax issues may schedule a personal meeting with one of our tax resolution attorneys. In the meeting, our attorney will review their specific IRS issues, and discuss the realistic options they have for their situation. We will then have a comprehensive compliance check obtained directly from the IRS, and meet with them to discuss said check. At this time, our firm will advise the prospective client if the amount we originally quoted them has changed. If they agree to hire our firm, we will help them obtain financial records that may be required to negotiate their case with the IRS.
When we have their financial records, our team will counsel them on how to conduct their financial affairs, which may improve our ability to negotiate their case. Our attorneys may then format the necessary documents in a manner that is suitable for the IRS, and submit said documents. When the IRS receives their forms, we will negotiate their case, and either ask that they have a full payment installment agreement, a partial-pay installment agreement, an offer in compromise, or cessation of the collections against them.

Need tax debt resolution assistance?

If you or your company owe back taxes to the IRS, The Law Office of Bryon J. Will, P.L.L.C. may have the ability to help. We are located in Oklahoma City and Perry, however, we proudly serve clients throughout the state. We can meet clients at our office, or, if a client cannot meet at our office due to distance, disability, or any other type of complication, our attorneys may meet at any convenient location in Oklahoma. Our firm is available for evening and weekend appointments, and, if a client wishes, our attorneys can schedule telephone appointments. The initial consultation with one of our attorneys is free, and will include a preliminary analysis of your case, and the cost it may take to resolve it.