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Lawyer Serving Oklahoma City

Serving Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties

Our goal at The Law Office of Bryon J. Will, P.L.L.C. is to successfully resolve our clients’ legal issues. With over 15 years of combined legal experience, our firm has the ability to assist clients in various areas of law. We strive to counsel clients so that they may effectively make informative decisions regarding their cases. Within this solution 10 euro bonus ohne einzahlung casino you can examine a handful of more knowledge about an individual’s passions, don`t miss. Our firm does not necessarily want to establish a lawsuit against another person or company unless it a client’s case calls for such action. Instead, we want to give our clients multiple alternatives, and together, we may choose which method will best produce a successful outcome. To learn more about the areas of law in which we can help, please click the below links:

Personal & Business IRS Tax Issues
Our firm is one of a few firms that has the ability to help individuals and businesses resolve IRS tax issues. Prior to filing for bankruptcy, it may be beneficial for you to contact our firm. We may be able to determine if you qualify for payments plans, penalty abatements, temporary delays, or other tax debt resolution options.

Estate Planning
Estate plans protect a person’s family, assets, and wishes regarding their medical and financial decisions. Certain documents should almost always be included in an estate plan, such as powers of attorney, wills, revocable living trusts, and advance directives. Elderly people who do not have an estate plan may contact the firm to establish Medicaid Trusts and various other forms of trusts that provide asset protection.

Business Planning
Business plans are ideal for both new and old businesses that wish to establish expansion and growth. New businesses may create an estate plan to ensure that their business is organized and aware of the company’s goals. Anyone who invests time and money into a business should consider creating a business plan.

Probate is the process of collecting a deceased person’s assets, inventorying their estate, paying the decedent’s final bills and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets and properties to beneficiaries. It may also be the act of proving that the deceased’s will is valid prior to starting the probate process. Depending on the size of the decedent’s estate, probate may be a fairly simple or possibly complex matter.

Real Estate
Our firm may help clients with various areas of real estate law. For example, we have the ability to assist with easements, leasing, promissory notes, closings, and title options. We may represent tenants, owners, and landlords who require real estate law assistance.

Oil & Gas
Oil and gas law refers to the acquisition and ownership rights of oil and gas both under the soil and after its removal, and the adjudication regarding said rights. Any private individual, corporation, local, state, or federal governments may own oil and gas rights for particular areas of land. We advise clients about the rights and legal issues of owning oil and gas parcels, as well as examine property titles and rights.

Civil Litigation
Civil issues may occur when a person breaches their duty, or causes harm to another person. For example, a doctor may injure a patient when they breached their duty of care. Auto accidents, property hazards, and unsafe products are also civil matters that we can help our clients resolve.

Agricultural Law
Agricultural law refers to activities related to agriculture carried out in a commercial setting. This may include soil preparation, crop harvesting, dairying, poultry, ranching, and horticulture. It does not only deal with land use, environmental rules, and the use of food products. With farming techniques becoming technologically advanced, issues involving intellectual property, trade, finance, credit, and other problems often arise.

It is important to seek an attorney’s assistance prior to filing for bankruptcy. Although it may seem like your only option, an experienced lawyer may have other alternatives. If bankruptcy is the best option, we can help clients with pre-bankruptcy credit counseling, debtor education, and file the correct paperwork.

Need legal assistance in Oklahoma City?

Our firm strives to assist clients who are facing any legal issue related to IRS tax issues, estate planning, business planning, probate, real estate law, oil and gas law, civil litigation, agricultural law, or bankruptcy. If you need help, and are looking for a passionate law firm to help you with your legal needs,contact our firm.