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Attorney John работа свежие вакансии Dunivan is a fourth generation Oklahoman, whose great-grandfather hiring near me staked a claim in the Cherokee Strip Land Run, of 1893. He currently resides near the original homestead, close to “Bill’s Corner.” https://jobitel.com/ between Perry and Morrison. Dunivan obtained Bachelor and Masters degrees in Agriculture from the University of Missouri-Columbia, http://xjobs.org/ and his Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University, where he graduated summa cum laude.

Throughout his career, he has worked for the agri-business companies Hormel, Syntex, Monsanto, and Bayer. His broad base of clients has included various businesses, ranching operations, feed yards, oil & gas companies, jobitel com banks, and title companies.

With significant legal experience, John is available to serve clients in a number of legal arenas, i jobitel.com ncluding personal injury, adoptions, divorce, estate planning, probate, trusts & wills, and LLCs.

In addition to being licensed in Oklahoma state courts and the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, John is licensed to practice before the Unites States Tax Court. As such, he has developed experience in dealing with the IRS, on behalf of taxpayers who xjobs org are experiencing challenges associated with back taxes, levies, liens, and garnishments. He is one of very few lawyers in northern Oklahoma who practices this type of tax law.

Besides practicing law, John enjxjobs.org/ oys running, boating, raising cattle, and riding horses. He has two grown children T.J. and Cara, and a younger son, Seth, still in the home.