Will & Estate Contest and Litigation

Will & Estate Contest and Litigation

Will Contests in Perry, Oklahoma City, and the State of Oklahoma

If you believe that a late loved one intended to leave you property but did not mention you in their will, you may be considering contesting the will. Will contests challenge the validity of a will. In order to create a will in the state of Oklahoma, you must be an adult of sound mind. If your late family member did not have the mental capacity to make the will due to memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease or other reasons, then you can challenge the will due to lack of testamentary capacity.

You can challenge the will due to undue influence if you believe that a caretaker or other trusted individual heavily influenced your late loved one to make leave him or her with a significant portion of property. If you have reason to believe someone forged a will, you can also legally challenge it. With more than 15 years of combined experience, our Oklahoma City estate planning attorneys are well-equipped to assist you with challenging a will in Oklahoma County.

What is estate litigation?

Estate litigation refers to legal disputes between beneficiaries, fiduciaries and third parties that arise during the probate process. Trustees and personal representatives have a duty to act in the best interests of heirs and beneficiaries. If the trustees and representatives act in their own best interests, they may be charged with breaches of fiduciary duty and, in some cases, even fraud. Fiduciaries are also subject to removal and replacement if they are the subject of valid contests or convicted of mismanaging assets. There are a variety of other estate litigation matters, including errors in taxation, creditor claims and other claims of mismanagement. The Law Office of Bryon J. Will, P.L.L.C. can explain your rights and options to you if you believe your late loved one’s estate is being mishandled.

Knowledgeable Assistance from an Oklahoma City Probate Lawyer

The probate process is difficult and can cause tensions to run high when dealing with family members. We know that you do not want to sue people who are close to you, which is why we explore all of your alternatives before taking more aggressive actions. Our firm is dedicated to helping you accomplish your legal goals, and we pride ourselves on offering realistic counsel on how to reach them.

Our team also understands that will and estate contests and litigation can be contentious matters, and your privacy is one of our main concerns. Instead of requiring clients to come to our office, we go to them if needed. Take advantage of our free case evaluation to learn more about your options for challenging wills and other estate litigation. For more information about our client-centered services, contact our Oklahoma City probate attorneys!