Why Create a Will in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma City Estate Planning Lawyer

When a person creates a will, they may state which items of their estate they want to leave to certain people, as well as name an executor to manage their estate after they pass away. If a person has minor children, they may also name a personal guardian to care for their children and their children’s property. When a person dies without a will, they are referred to as dying intestate, and their assets will be distributed according to Oklahoma’s intestacy laws. This means that a decedent’s closest relatives will receive their property, beginning with their spouse and children. If a spouse and children do not exist, your grandchildren or parents will get their property. The list continues, and property will be given away to relatives until the estate has been completely distributed. If you wish to create or amend a will, contact our firm.

Requirements for Creating a Will in Oklahoma

To finalize a will in Oklahoma, a person must sign their will in front of two witnesses, and have the witnesses sign the will, as well. Unlike other states, Oklahoma does not require a person to have their will notarized to make it legal. However, if a person wants to make their will self-proving, they need to hire a notary. Self-proving wills go through probate faster, because the court can accept the will without contacting the witnesses who signed it. The testator and their witnesses must visit a notary and sign an affidavit that proves that the testator is who they claim to be, and know that they are signing the testator’s will. It is ideal to name an executor in a will to ensure that a person’s wishes are carried out accordingly after they pass away.

Contact an Oklahoma County Will Attorney

It is not necessary to create a will with a lawyer’s assistance, but if a will is not properly created according to state law, it may be considered invalid. For estate planning assistance, and to ensure that your property and assets are transferred according to your wishes, please contact one of our will attorneys.